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Take a moment and see why Tunisia is one of those countries you should consider living in.
  Ideally Located  

Tunisia is located at the junction of the eastern and western basins of the Mediterranean, just where the Straits of Sicily separate it by 140 kilometers from Europe.
This geographic position that made Tunisia a crossroads of civilizations throughout history, makes it today a platform for investment as well as for production and trade. read more
Tunisia: Global competitiveness Edge
The latest report on global competitiveness 2011-2012 issued by the Davos World Economic Forum ranks Tunisia 40th out of a total of 142 developped and emerging countries in terms of global competitivenessbeing hence ahead of several countries of the EU.
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Superb Infrastructure
Since 1995 the Tunisian government has invested heavily in the country's infrastructure There are 20,000 kilometers (12,428 miles) of good-quality roads linking all parts of the country; 18,226 kilometers (11,326 miles) of these roads are paved.
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Highly-educated work force
Ez-Zitouna University the oldest in the Arab World
It is claimed to be the oldest teaching establishment in the Arab World, since the Ez-Zitouna madrassa was founded in 737 C.E. (120 A.H) as the teaching arm of the Olive-Tree Mosque (Djemaa ez-Zitouna) and has been in continuous existence since then. read more
Tunisia: A Model for the Arab world
For decades, the 10.6 million people of Tunisia had not been asked for their opinions about their country's governance. But on Sunday they got a chance to speak up, and they did so loud and clear, voting to choose members of a national assembly which will select a government and draft a new constitution.
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Tunisia: One of Best Places to Retire in the World
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