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Tunisia My Second Home Experience:

Tunisia My Second Home consultants have worked in various product and service categories, from both the client and consultant sides. Among such categories are consumer goods, electronics, medical devices, hospitality, telecom, real estate, e-commerce and manufacturing.

Our range of experience allows us to bring new perspectives to our clients' businesses, combining industry and client familiarity with a deep expertise in building business relationships. This is why Tunisia My Second Home’s services are not limited by any one industry's traditions. Whether it's business to business or consumer goods, we have a spectrum of processes as well as innovative new solutions to help connect you with the right strategy fit.

One common denominator in working with various businesses is the recognition that driving strategy development and execution requires a customer-centric vision. We value this notion consistently, across all projects.

Advantages to fully-exporting companies

Full tax exemption on exports-derived profits for the first 10 years and taxation at a low rate of 10% after this periode of ten years for the life of the company.

Full exemption on reinvested profits and income.

Duty free profits for capital goods including merchandise transport vehicles, raw materials, semi-finished products and services needed by the business.

Possibility of selling on the local market: 30% of turnover for industrial goods and agricultural products, along with payment of applicable duty and levies. this rate is raised to 50% for the year 2011. read more

The Tunisian State guarantees the right to education to every school-aged child. It is ranked among the best education systems in the world. read more
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